ChatGPT can now browse the open web

Updated 28th Sep '23

OpenAI Revamps ChatGPT with Real-Time Web Search Capability

OpenAI has reintroduced the web searching feature in ChatGPT, now enabling it to fetch up-to-date information directly from "current and authoritative" sources through a newly designed feature, Browse with Bing. Initially, this feature is made available to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, with plans to roll it out to all users in the near future.

Comparing With Existing Real-Time Search Features

This new addition places ChatGPT in the league of Microsoft's Bing Chat and Google's Bard, which already offer real-time web search features. Moreover, users have the added advantage of verifying the information provided by ChatGPT by clicking on the direct links to the sources.

Addressing Past Challenges: Browse with Bing's Return

The Browse with Bing feature had a brief appearance on ChatGPT's iOS app earlier but was retracted due to users exploiting it to bypass paywalls. However, with new measures in place to prevent such misuse, OpenAI is confident in rolling out the feature once again, enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities and user trust.

Trying Out Browse with Bing

For those subscribed to OpenAI’s plans, the Browse with Bing feature can be easily activated to experience real-time web search and verification, paving the way for more reliable and verifiable information dissemination through ChatGPT.