AI ChatBot
Designed For
Yachting Industry

The only solution specifically designed and tailored for the Yachting Industry.

AI Yacht Chat

Key Features

This is what makes our AI Yacht Chat so good

1. Relaible

Consistently high-quality, patient, understanding, reliable service

2. Consistent

AI Yacht Chat ensures consistent, expert-quality chat, surpassing untrained agents

3. Scallable

Operates 24/7 and is Resilient to Traffic Spikes

4. Listings API

AI Yacht Chat real-time searches, presents yachts, boosts leads

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5. Knowledge Base

AI Yacht Chat customizable knowledge base, tailored to your company

6. Trained for Yachting

We use our own specially trained models for the yachting industry

7. CRM Integrations

Our AI ChatBot integrates with CRMs, auto-summarizes, and sends details

8. Human-Like Conversation

AI Yacht Chat understands context, offers natural, lifelike interactions

Consistency and Reliability

Regardless of the time of day, week, or month, the quality of customer service remains at a consistently high level.

The AI Yacht Chat doesn't have off days or mood swings tied to random events, the weather, or any other factors.

AI Yacht Chat is constantly patient and understanding, always willing to provide even the most detailed explanations.

Unlike a typical live chat operated by a human, the AI Yacht Chat doesn't rush to end conversations, isn't irritated by customer inquiries, and remains patient even when explaining something multiple times or helping a customer find a product or service on the website.

Product Match
Product Match

Immediate Response Time

Traditional chat systems often leave users waiting and consultants juggling multiple clients, leading to extended response times and frustrated customers. With our AI Chat, there are no queues and you get near-instantaneous replies. Experience a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable mobile searching with our AI-powered solution.

CRMs Integrations

Leverage AI Yacht Chat integrated webhook feature to seamlessly link with any CRM system, whether through coding or user-friendly tools like Make or Zapier.

While we have native support for HubSpot, integration with other CRMs is a breeze. Our chatbot efficiently condenses chat interactions, captures customer contact information, and forwards a link of the full conversation directly to your CRM.

Product Match
Product Match

Pre-Trained for

Introducing AI Yacht Chat: Precision-engineered exclusively for the Yachting Industry. Whether you're a brokerage firm selling yachts or a company offering yacht charters, our chatbot is custom-tailored to meet your unique needs. This isn't your average chatbot; it's fine-tuned specifically for the yachting business landscape.

Human Like Conversation

Leverage AI Yacht Chat integrated webhook feature to seamlessly link with any CRM system, whether through coding or user-friendly tools like Make or Zapier.

Product Match
Product Match

Integrates with your listings API

Leveraging its seamless integration with the listings feed, AI Yacht Chat can instantly scour for yachts or charters that pique a client's interest. Should a client mention specific yachts during a conversation and seek assistance in locating them, AI Yacht Chat taps into your listings API to showcase relevant yachts from your database.

This distinctive capability not only drives more visitors to your website and minimizes drop-offs but also amplifies the influx of high-quality leads.

Greetings Messages

In AI Yacht Chat, you can easily enable a user-friendly greeting message. The greeting message is a minimally intrusive way of increasing the number of leads.

In the AI Yacth Chat Dashboard, you can define when the message should appear, as well as customize its content.

AI Yacht Chat - Greetings Message

Optimized for SEO

Our AI Yacht Chat is unrivaled in this category, weighing only 10KB. Competitive solutions aren't even close.

As a result, it has a minimal impact on increasing your website's loading speed, making it the most SEO-friendly WebChat solution on the market.

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Faster The Others

10 KB

Bundle Size

Only 2

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Comparative Analysis

Our AI Yacht Chat is designed to be optimized and SEO-friendly, offering features that help maintain the website's peak performance.

 AI Yacht ChatAI Powered ChatLiveChatYour own AgentsChatLead(BoatChat, RVChat, CarChat...)
Transfer Size~10 kB~470 kB~780 kB
Resources30 KB1.4 MB2.1 MB
Number of Requests21818
Time to Load~400 ms~1200 ms~1900 ms

Our Affordable Pricing Plans

We endeavored to create the most versatile pricing plan, but if you have not found a package that meets your needs, please contact us and we will tailor it to your requirements.

Nefi Starter



Nefi Starter Plan includes:

  • 50 monthly chats (included)
  • $2 per additional chat
  • 1,000 Tokens Knowledge Base
  • Color Customization
  • CRM Integration (Webhooks)
  • Reads

Nefi Premium



Nefi Premium Plan includes:

  • 300 monthly chats (included)
  • $1 per additional chat
  • 4,000 Tokens Knowledge Base
  • Color Customization
  • Logo Customization
  • CRM Integration (Webhooks)
  • Up to 1 connected Database / API Integration
  • Reads

Nefi Enterprise



Nefi Enterprise Plan includes:

  • 1,000 monthly chats (included)
  • $0.60 per additional chat
  • 10,000 Tokens Knowledge Base
  • Color Customization
  • Logo Customization
  • CRM Integration (Webhooks)
  • Up to 5 connected Database / API Integration
  • Reads