A Better Way to Browse Products
on Mobile Devices

ShopSwipe, our new app, offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for customers seeking an innovative way to browse and search for products on mobile devices in today's fast-paced, online shopping-centric world.

Simple and Intuitive

One of the key features of ShopSwipe is its simplified filters and interface.

Maximum Focus

One Product at a Time for Maximum Focus.

Enhances Engagement

Innovative solution to drive customer satisfaction.

Product Match

Innate Card-Based Design

To make the browsing experience even more engaging.

Increase Sales

Proven to increase user engagement significantly.

Super responsive

Made for quick action to maximize leads and sales


How Does it Work

Our app utilizes AI mechanisms known from social media platforms such as TikTok, Tinder, and Instagram in a new, previously unexplored way.

Boost Leads With Our App

By using the most engaging user algorithms and AI mechanisms, our app increases customer engagement, leading to a rise in sales/leads.


As soon as the app is launched, the user is presented with simplified filters (such as category, price, and type).


Immediately after selecting a category, the AI algorithm begins presenting your products to the user in a simplified manner in the form of a card, which the user can quickly like or dislike.


All of the user's actions are tracked and recorded by our app, allowing the AI to suggest increasingly tailored products to the customer.


Once the app detects that the user has liked an appropriate number of products, they are asked if they would like to receive more information about their selected products.


Next, if the user chooses to do so, they can quickly preview their "favorites list" from which they can swiftly purchase selected products or request contact with the relevant salesperson.

AI Product Match | WhiteCube.ai

Seamless Integrates With Your Website

Designed to deliver a seamless and effortless integration experience with your website

This cutting-edge solution boasts an easy-to-use API that enables you to effortlessly pull products from your database, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive browsing experience for your customers.

Our AI Product Browser not only simplifies your online product display but also enhances user engagement, ultimately driving sales and fostering customer loyalty.

Get Started
AI Product Match - Seamless Integration | WhiteCube.ai
AI Product Match | WhiteCube.ai
AI Product Match | WhiteCube.ai

Experience It Yourself

Swipe left or right to either like or dislike the watches.
Once you're finished, you can review your list and purchase your chosen item with just one click.

Luxury Watch


Daytona 116505 18K



266' Turquoise




224' CUSTOM 2026


Antalya, Turkey


230' DUNYA 2025


Tuzla, Turkey


224' CUSTOM 2026


Antalya, Turkey

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Install our AI Product Browser and watch your online store thrive like never before.

AI ProductMatch Features | WhiteCube.ai

Integrates With Your Products DB
Integration with your product database via API is possible and easy.

Superior User Behavior Tracking
Leverage our AI Product Match's sophisticated user behavior tracking for a tailored shopping journey.

Smooth Buying Process
Quickly connect with a sales representative for a seamless purchasing experience.

Our Affordable Pricing Plans

We endeavored to create the most versatile pricing plan, but if you have not found a package that meets your needs, please contact us and we will tailor it to your requirements.