Canva supercharges design with new AI features

Updated 5th Oct '23

Canva Introduces New AI Features to Supercharge the Design Process

Canva, the popular graphic design platform, has recently introduced new AI features that aim to supercharge the design process and make it more accessible to users. These AI-powered tools provide users with intelligent design suggestions, automated workflows, and enhanced editing capabilities.

Smart Templates

Canva's Smart Templates utilize AI algorithms to automatically adjust and optimize designs based on the user's content. These templates intelligently adapt to different formats, such as social media posts, presentations, or print materials, ensuring that the design looks professional and visually appealing.

Background Remover

Canva's Background Remover feature uses AI technology to automatically remove the background from images. This tool simplifies the process of creating transparent backgrounds, making it easier for users to create professional-looking designs.

Design Suggestions

Canva's AI-powered design suggestions provide users with intelligent recommendations to enhance their designs. The platform analyzes the user's content and offers suggestions for font pairings, color schemes, and layout adjustments, helping users create visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Content Planner

Canva's Content Planner feature leverages AI to assist users in planning and scheduling their social media content. It provides recommendations for the best times to post based on audience engagement patterns, helping users optimize their social media strategy.

These AI features are designed to streamline the design process, save time, and empower users with intelligent design assistance, even if they have limited design experience.