Google's ChatGPT competitor DELAYED...

Google's ChatGPT competitor DELAYED...

Updated 4th Dec '23

Google Delays Launch of Gemini, Its ChatGPT Competitor


According to recent reports, Google has decided to postpone the launch of its highly anticipated ChatGPT competitor, Gemini. The delay is primarily due to Gemini's inconsistent performance in handling queries in languages other than English. As a result, the launch of Gemini has been rescheduled for January 2024. This delay holds significant implications as Gemini is expected to be one of Google's most significant product launches, showcasing its ability to compete with or even surpass OpenAI.

Gemini's Purpose and Features

Gemini is designed to revolutionize the way information flows on the internet, shifting from traditional search and the World Wide Web to chatbots. This AI model aims to integrate various data types and enhance Google's existing AI products. With its multimodal capabilities, including text, image, and other data processing and generation, Gemini is anticipated to surpass the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Target Audience and Applications

Gemini will primarily target professionals and developers, offering them a range of functionalities such as content generation and code translation. By leveraging Gemini's advanced capabilities, users will be able to accomplish complex tasks more efficiently and effectively.


Despite the delay, Google's Gemini remains a highly anticipated product launch. With its enhanced capabilities and potential to outperform existing AI models, Gemini has the potential to reshape the way we interact with information on the internet.


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