The best AI announcements from CES 2024 (so far)

The best AI announcements from CES 2024 (so far)

Updated 10th Jan '24

Best AI Announcements from CES 2024

Based on my research, here are some of the best AI announcements from CES 2024:

1. Motion Pillow

The Motion Pillow is an AI-powered pillow that uses sensors and algorithms to analyze sleep patterns and provide personalized recommendations for better sleep quality. source

2. Bmind Smart Mirror

The Bmind Smart Mirror is a mirror equipped with AI technology that can display personalized information such as weather, news, and calendar events. It also has voice control capabilities. source

3. Minitailz Smart Dog Collar

The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar is an AI-powered collar that tracks a dog's activity, health, and location. It can also provide personalized training recommendations. source

4. Yarbo Multi-Purpose Intelligent Yard Robot

The Yarbo Multi-Purpose Intelligent Yard Robot is an AI-powered robot designed for outdoor tasks such as mowing the lawn, removing snow, and watering plants. It uses AI algorithms to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. source

5. Wim

Wim is an AI-powered wearable device that helps users manage stress and improve mental well-being. It uses biometric sensors and AI algorithms to provide personalized stress management techniques. source

6. Holobox

Holobox is an AI-powered holographic display that can project 3D images and videos. It uses AI algorithms to create realistic and interactive holographic experiences. source

7. Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo robot + stick vacuum

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo is an AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner that can also function as a stick vacuum. It uses AI algorithms to navigate and clean efficiently. source

8. Meater 2 Plus

Meater 2 Plus is an AI-powered wireless meat thermometer that can monitor the internal temperature of meat and provide real-time cooking recommendations. It uses AI algorithms to ensure precise and optimal cooking results. source

These are just a few examples of the AI announcements from CES 2024. For more information and details, you can refer to the following sources:

Please note that CES 2024 is an ongoing event, and there may be more AI announcements and innovations that are yet to be revealed.