Apple's AI relocation drama

Apple's AI relocation drama

Updated 15th Jan '24

Apple Shutting Down AI Team in San Diego and Relocating to Austin

Apple has made the decision to shut down its AI team in San Diego and relocate them to Austin, Texas. This move comes as part of Apple's efforts to expand its presence in Austin, but it has faced resistance from most employees who are unwilling to move. As a result, many employees may choose to leave the company.

Relocation Stipends and Severance Packages Offered

To encourage employees to make the move, Apple is offering relocation stipends and severance packages. However, it remains to be seen how many employees will take advantage of these offers and choose to relocate to Austin.

Impact on Siri and AI Products

The San Diego AI team has been responsible for improving Siri, Apple's virtual assistant. Additionally, they have been working on AI products based on large language models. With the relocation of the team, there may be potential disruptions in the development and improvement of Siri and other AI products.


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