Microsoft reveals Copilot Pro...

Microsoft reveals Copilot Pro...

Updated 16th Jan '24

Microsoft Copilot Pro: Enhancing Creativity and Productivity in Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Copilot Pro is a subscription service offered by Microsoft that aims to enhance creativity, communication, and productivity in Microsoft 365 apps. With accelerated performance, faster AI image creation, and access to Copilot in Word, Excel (Preview), and PowerPoint (Preview), Copilot Pro provides users with a range of features to streamline their work processes.

Features of Copilot Pro

  1. Accelerated Performance: Copilot Pro offers faster response times and improved performance compared to the free version of Copilot.

  2. Faster AI Image Creation: Users can generate AI-powered images more quickly with Copilot Pro, enabling efficient content creation.

  3. Access to Copilot in Word, Excel (Preview), and PowerPoint (Preview): Copilot Pro provides access to Copilot's AI-powered assistance in these Microsoft 365 apps. Users can receive suggestions, insights, and assistance while working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

How to Get Copilot Pro

The Copilot Pro subscription can be purchased on the Microsoft Store website. For pricing details and more information, visit the Copilot Pro Plan & Pricing page.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information and specific features of Copilot Pro, it is recommended to visit the official Microsoft website or contact Microsoft support. You can also watch the official introduction video of Copilot Pro on YouTube: Introducing Copilot Pro: Supercharge your Creativity and Productivity.


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