Nvidia CEO downplays Altman’s AI chip fundraising

Nvidia CEO downplays Altman’s AI chip fundraising

Updated 13th Feb '24

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Comments on Groq's Fundraising Efforts

In a recent article on Computerworld, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has shared his thoughts on the fundraising efforts of AI chip startup Groq. Led by former Nvidia executive Jonathan Ross, Groq has been making waves in the industry. However, Huang downplayed the significance of Groq's fundraising and expressed confidence in Nvidia's leading position in AI chip technology. He believes that Nvidia will continue to innovate and maintain its dominance in the AI chip industry. [^1^]

Nvidia's Focus on Delivering High-Performance AI Chips at a Reasonable Cost

In another article on Inc.com, Jensen Huang responded to the $7 trillion AI investment figure mentioned by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Huang dismissed the notion that AI chips require trillion-dollar investments, stating that such an amount assumes an unrealistic scenario. He emphasized Nvidia's commitment to delivering high-performance AI chips at a reasonable cost. [^2^]

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