🔥 Blazing-fast Groq AI processor goes viral

🔥 Blazing-fast Groq AI processor goes viral

Updated 20th Feb '24

Exploring the High-Performance GroqChip™ Processor

The Groq AI processor, known as the GroqChip™ Processor, offers several key features that contribute to its high-performance capabilities:

1. Fully Deterministic Processor

The GroqChip™ Processor provides predictable and repeatable performance with no run-to-run variation.

2. On-Die Memory

It has 230 MB of on-die memory, which includes large globally sharable SRAM. This allows for high-bandwidth, low-latency access to model parameters without the need for external memory.

3. On-Die Memory Bandwidth

The GroqChip™ Processor offers up to 80 TBs of on-die memory bandwidth, enabling efficient data transfer and processing.

These features contribute to the Groq AI processor's ability to deliver low-latency, high-performance AI, ML, and HPC (High-Performance Computing) workloads.

Reference: GroqChip™ Processor Product Brief