Tyler Perry halts studio expansion over AI fears

Tyler Perry halts studio expansion over AI fears

Updated 26th Feb '24

Tyler Perry Halts Atlanta Film Studio Expansion Due to AI Concerns


According to recent reports, Tyler Perry has decided to halt the expansion of his Atlanta film studio due to concerns surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment industry. Perry, a prominent figure in Hollywood, is apprehensive about the potential consequences of AI technology on traditional filmmaking and the professionals within the industry.

Perry's Concerns

The filmmaker has expressed worries that the advancement of AI could lead to a decrease in the demand for conventional filmmaking methods, ultimately affecting various industry professionals. In response to these concerns, Perry has advocated for the implementation of legislation to regulate the use of AI within the realm of Hollywood.

Project Status

The expansion project, which was estimated to cost a substantial $800 million, has been put on hold by Perry as he believes it is crucial for the industry to address the potential challenges posed by AI technology.

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