🎮 Google's new AI generates video games

🎮 Google's new AI generates video games

Updated 27th Feb '24

Google's Genie: Revolutionizing Game Development with AI


According to recent research, Google has developed an AI model called Genie that has the capability to generate 2D platformer video games from a single image prompt or text description. This AI platform, created by Google's DeepMind team, has the potential to transform the landscape of game development by automating the process of creating playable environments.

Genie's Functionality

Genie utilizes a "world model" that has been trained on 200,000 hours of video footage to generate interactive video games. It has been specifically trained to comprehend the rules and mechanics of various games, enabling it to produce fully playable 2D platformer games from just a single image prompt or text description.

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Kindly note that while Genie shows promise in generating video games, it is still in the development phase and may have certain limitations.