OpenAI takes robotics leap with Figure

OpenAI takes robotics leap with Figure

Updated 1st Mar '24

OpenAI's Collaboration with Figure AI: Revolutionizing Robotics


OpenAI has made a significant leap in the field of robotics with its collaboration with Figure AI, a robotics startup. This partnership aims to combine OpenAI's research expertise with Figure AI's deep understanding of robotics, both in hardware and software.

Specialized AI Models for Humanoid Robots

One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the development of specialized AI models for Figure's humanoid robots. OpenAI will leverage its technology to enhance the capabilities of Figure's robots, paving the way for advancements in embodied AI.

Figure AI's Humanoid Robot: Figure 01

Figure AI's humanoid robot, Figure 01, is a versatile humanoid designed for various applications such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail. With human-like dexterity, Figure 01 can perform complex movements, revolutionizing industries with the integration of AI and robotics.

Industry Attention and Investment

The collaboration between OpenAI and Figure AI has attracted significant attention and investment from major industry players. The recent funding round raised $675 million, with investors including Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Microsoft, and others, highlighting the potential of Figure AI's humanoid robots.

For more information, you can visit the Figure AI Website.