OpenAI unveils voice cloning tool

OpenAI unveils voice cloning tool

Updated 1st Apr '24

OpenAI's Voice Cloning Tool: Voice Engine

OpenAI has unveiled a voice cloning tool called Voice Engine, which can replicate a person's voice based on a 15-second audio sample. However, OpenAI has deemed the tool too risky for public release at the moment.

Overview of OpenAI's Voice Cloning Tool

According to an article from Al Jazeera, the creator of ChatGPT, the AI model developed by OpenAI, stated that the Voice Engine can generate a convincing clone of anyone's voice using just a 15-second recorded audio sample. The tool has the potential to be used for various applications, such as voice assistants, audiobooks, and more.

OpenAI has emphasized its commitment to developing safe and broadly beneficial AI. They have shared preliminary insights and results from a small-scale implementation of the voice cloning tool in a blog post titled "Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Synthetic Voices."

TechCrunch reported that OpenAI's voice cloning tool, called Custom Voices, is currently in the pilot phase. It allows developers to create a clone of any voice using a 15-second sample. The tool has garnered attention for its potential applications in the entertainment industry and other creative fields.

The Guardian mentioned that OpenAI has deemed the voice cloning tool too risky for general release. The technology has the capability to replicate anyone's voice within just 15 seconds of recorded speech. OpenAI is taking a cautious approach to ensure responsible deployment and ethical guidelines.

Other AI Voice Cloning Tools

It is important to note that OpenAI's voice cloning tool is not the only AI voice cloning tool available. There are other AI voice cloning tools in the market, such as Speechify AI Voice Cloning, Descript, Fliki, and Murf AI, each with its own features and pricing.


Overall, OpenAI's voice cloning tool, Voice Engine, has generated significant interest and discussion due to its potential capabilities. However, OpenAI has recognized the risks associated with its release and is taking a responsible approach to ensure the safe and ethical use of the technology.