Altman and Ive's New AI Venture: Revolutionizing Ad Viewing

Altman and Ive's New AI Venture: Revolutionizing Ad Viewing

Updated 8th Apr '24

Revolutionizing Advertising: The Altman-Ive AI Collaboration

In an intriguing development within the tech industry, former Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman have embarked on a collaborative venture to create an AI hardware device. While the specifics of the device remain under wraps, the partnership signals a significant leap towards integrating AI technology in everyday consumer products.

The Power Duo Behind the Venture

Jony Ive, renowned for his instrumental role in designing some of Apple's most iconic products, brings a wealth of experience in hardware design to the table. On the other hand, Sam Altman, as the CEO of OpenAI, contributes extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence, making this partnership a formidable force in the tech world. This is not the first time Altman has collaborated with a former Apple designer on a hardware project, indicating a pattern of seeking synergy between design excellence and AI innovation.

Aiming to Transform the Advertising Industry

The primary goal of the Altman-Ive collaboration is to revolutionize the advertising industry. By leveraging AI technology, the duo aims to create a device that can skip ads, offering users a more seamless viewing experience. This ambitious endeavor seeks to address one of the most common frustrations among consumers today – the intrusive nature of advertisements across various media platforms.

The Role of SoftBank

Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, is reportedly involved in discussions surrounding this project. SoftBank's potential involvement could provide significant financial backing and business acumen, further propelling the project towards success. SoftBank's history of investing in groundbreaking technology ventures positions it as a valuable ally in this innovative endeavor.


The collaboration between Jony Ive and Sam Altman to develop an AI hardware device poised to transform the advertising landscape is a testament to the potential of combining design excellence with AI technology. While details of the device are yet to be unveiled, the partnership itself is a significant indicator of the direction in which consumer technology is headed. As the project progresses, the tech industry eagerly awaits the impact this device will have on advertising and beyond.