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Hire a Personal AI Agent as Your SEO Manager

Think of our AI SEO Manager as your high-skilled employee who works independently. It crafts high-quality content, critiques it, corrects errors, and enhances your text with valuable keywords and strategic internal linking. Rely on it to seamlessly elevate your website’s SEO.

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Revitalize Your eCommerce Content with AI

Leverage the power of AI to transform your existing content, latest arrivals, seasonal promotions, and blog posts into a cohesive SEO strategy. Propel your online visibility and engage more customers effortlessly.

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AI Services for Business |
AI Services for Business |
How It Works

Step 1: Data Collection

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works

The AI SEO Manager pulls data from your product feed (API), with the option to connect multiple sources. Using new arrivals helps promote them better and creates unique content.

It also checks for new blog posts to sync with your content flow, allowing you to set it to publish when you haven’t posted or at specific intervals. Additionally, it can use your blog data to enhance internal linking.

How It Works

Step 2: Gathering SEO Goals

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works

With our AI SEO manager, you can set multiple goals.

You can select the landing pages you want to promote the most, which the SEO manager will focus on building internal links for. You can define product categories, keywords, and other elements that you want to enhance for SEO.

The SEO manager will use this information to compile and integrate it with other collected data in the best possible way.

How It Works

Step 3: Online Research

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works - Step 3: Online Research

To create better, richer, and more relevant content, our SEO AI Manager will conduct online research.

The information gathered will be combined with previously collected data from earlier sources. This way, the final text will be more comprehensive, unique, and optimized for SEO.

How It Works

Step 4: Internal Link Building

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works - Step 4: Internal Link Building

The SEO AI Manager allows you to identify the key landing pages you want to boost in SEO. We recommend setting up around 10-15 of these pages.

At this stage, the SEO AI Manager matches the landing pages you’ve defined with its collected content to create the most natural and organic internal linking.

The final content will include appropriately tagged and seamlessly integrated links to the most relevant landing pages on your website.

How It Works

Step 5: Content Writing

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works - Step 5: Content Writing

Only after gathering all the information, organizing it, and selecting the most suitable landing pages and keywords from your site, does our SEO AI Manager begin writing the first draft of the blog post.

In the following stages, this text will undergo several rounds of review, focusing on both content quality and SEO goals.

How It Works

Step 6: Content Review and Improvement Loop

AI SEO Manager, AI Writer - How it works - Step 5: Content Review and Improvement Loop

This step is repeated as many times as necessary. At this stage, the previously written text undergoes both content and SEO critique. AI SEO Manager checks the relevance of the content to the collected data, products, and our SEO goals.

The quality of internal links is reviewed, and we ensure that no metadata is missing, among other things.

Our Affordable Pricing Plans

We endeavored to create the most versatile pricing plan, but if you have not found a package that meets your needs, please contact us and we will tailor it to your requirements.

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Key Features

AI SEO Manager - you best employee

Advanced AI

Unlike competitors who may rely on simpler or generic AI models such as GPT-3.5 Turbo or even GPT-4, our approach is markedly different. We employ more advanced, fine-tuned, specialized, multi-model, and role-based AI systems capable of performing tasks from beginning to end with the precision and effectiveness of a human expert.

Trackable Results

Our tool is not just another content generator AI; it acts like an employee who consistently delivers measurable results day after day. It consistently builds the topical authority of your site and attracts organic traffic of engaged users. This ensures that the investment in our AI SEO Manager yields visible and quantifiable benefits, enhancing your SEO strategy effectively.

AI Coordinated SEO Strategy

The content generated by our AI does not aim to meet vague, undefined objectives. Instead, together with our team, we will define the most crucial SEO optimization goals for your business. Our AI algorithms will then diligently work towards achieving these set objectives, ensuring that every piece of content serves a strategic purpose.

Crafted for Users, Optimized for SEO

The quality of the content produced is of paramount importance. It is not mere fluff designed to "trick" search engines but is genuine, precise, and useful material that attracts and retains visitors. Our AI is designed to produce content that is both SEO-optimized and genuinely valuable to your audience, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

How It Works?

1. Connect your eCommerce Feed

2. Define yours Goals

3. Connect your Social

4. Launch and see your traffic grow

How does the AI SEO Manager work?

The AI SEO Manager integrates directly with your eCommerce platform, accessing product feeds and social media to tailor content and SEO strategies. By analyzing current content, it enhances it with strategic keywords, internal linking, and aligns it with SEO best practices to improve search rankings and visibility. Our AI operates autonomously, constantly adjusting strategies based on real-time data to maximize effectiveness.