10 Most Notable Events in AI in July 2023

10 Most Notable Events in AI in July 2023

Updated 1st Aug '23

This month was so full of important AI events that we couldn't fit them into just 10 points.

1. Microsoft releases Kosmos-2:

Kosmos-2 is a Multimodal Large Language Model that perceives object descriptions and links text to visuals using Markdown-based refer expressions. This advancement sets the groundwork for Embodiment AI, merging language, multimodal perception, action, and world modeling, a significant stride towards artificial general intelligence.

Source: Microsoft Blog

2. OpenAI Code interpreter released

The Code Interpreter allows ChatGPT to execute code and access uploaded files, enabling data analysis, chart creation, file editing, and various calculations for both programmers and non-programmers. Source: Twitter - OpenAI

3. Adobe gingerbread

At Config 2023, Adobe showcased 'Project Gingerbread,' an AI tool that allows users to manipulate the perspective of text-prompt generated images using 3D modeling, offering enhanced aesthetic control in AI image generation.

Source: Creative Blog

4. Microsoft introduced CODI:

The Microsoft research team introduces CoDi, a groundbreaking AI model capable of simultaneously processing and generating content across multiple modalities, overcoming the limitations of previous unimodal systems by using a composable diffusion technique for synchronized multi-modality generation.

Source: Microsoft Blot

6. Elon Musk x.ai lunched

Elon Musk has introduced a "pro-humanity" AI startup named xAI to offer a safer AI development path amid growing concerns of AI surpassing human control, emphasizing the need to be cautious of a potential "Terminator future."

Source: X.AI

7. Anthropic release Claude-2.

Anthropic, co-founded by former OpenAI executives, has launched Claude 2, a next-generation text-generating AI model with improved capabilities, though it acknowledges challenges in predicting the model's behavior across all scenarios.

Source: Anthropic

8. Llama2

Meta has released its powerful language model, Llama 2, as open source, potentially democratizing access to advanced AI and spurring innovation among developers and startups.

Source: AI Meta Source: Meta Blog

9. Apple GPT

Apple is developing its own generative AI tools, including a chatbot named "Apple GPT," to compete with OpenAI and other tech giants, but has not yet decided how to introduce them to the public.

Source: Bloomberg

10. Custom instructions for ChatGPT

OpenAI introduces custom instructions for ChatGPT, allowing users to set preferences for tailored responses in all future conversations.

Source: OpenAI Blog


11. Stability AI releases SDXL 1.0

The Stability AI team unveils SDXL 1.0, their latest open image generation model, boasting superior quality, increased simplicity, a large parameter count, and improved control features across multiple platforms.

Source: Stability.ai