The Dusk of Traditional WebChats

The Dusk of Traditional WebChats

Updated 2nd Aug '23

There are individuals who are still hesitant to integrate AI ChatBots into their systems. This apprehension probably stems from their experiences with the previous generation of ChatBots, which, despite the best intentions, lacked genuine AI capabilities.

In reality, until this year, earlier generation ChatBots were highly frustrating and had little to do with AI. They were basic scripted mini-programs responding to specific predefined phrases.

Using such a ChatBot was a painful experience and offered no real help.

Fortunately, those days are gone. With the current explosion of AI technology, modern AI ChatBots are on a completely different level.

As a testament to the rising significance of this technology, leading companies are now making notable strides in the AI domain. A prime example is Uber, which is currently developing an AI-powered ChatBot to integrate into its app. While this development might come as a surprise to some, it's worth noting that more and more companies are now recognizing the immense potential of AI ChatBots and are working towards incorporating them into their digital strategies.


The best evidence of this advancement is our AI ChatBot - Nefi AI ChatBot. It delivers results that are several times better than human operators. After integrating our solution on our clients' websites, each of them reported a multiple-fold increase in leads generated by the ChatBot. And we're not talking about a mere 2-3% increase; we've seen surges up to 10x more. Every client who adopted our solution witnessed at least a multiple-fold increase in leads.

Why is this so?

There could be several reasons:

1. Quick and Accurate Responses

Surprisingly, AI ChatBots often respond more "human-like" than human operators, especially those reliant on predefined scripts. While we usually wait minutes for a human operator to respond, AI ChatBot answers within seconds. In today's fast-paced world, nobody wants to wait for minutes for a reply. An impatient potential client might leave our site even before a traditional chat agent offers their first response.

2. Patience, Understanding, and Always Polite

Professional chat operators typically possess these qualities, but let's be honest, everyone's patience runs out at some point, except for AI ChatBot's. This makes clients more willing to share their contact details.

3. Contextual Understanding

Nefi AI ChatBot understands the page it's anchored to. So, it comprehends whether it's on a product page, a blog post, a news article, or a contact page. Consequently, it provides relevant and accurate responses. More on Nefi AI ChatBot's reading feature can be found [here].

4. Product Recommendations

With the unique ability to connect to your product feed, Nefi AI ChatBot understands customer intentions and can suggest products that meet their needs.

5. In-depth Knowledge of Your Company

Nefi AI ChatBot is packed with unique, finely-tuned features that go beyond the standard capabilities of ChatBots. One such feature is the "Knowledge Base", a repository of information about your company, offices, contact numbers, employees, sales reps, etc. With this, Nefi AI ChatBot can instantly provide customers with contact numbers, business hours, company address, or details of a chosen sales representative.

These are just a few of the key features that make AI ChatBots, especially Nefi AI ChatBot, more effective at capturing leads.

*The data provided in this blog post is entirely authentic and based on our clients' feedback. The lowest lead increase recorded after deploying Nefi AI ChatBot is 5x (500%).