Introducing Our AI SEO Manager

Introducing Our AI SEO Manager

Updated 30th Apr '24

We're excited to introduce our latest innovation, the AI SEO Manager.

Here’s a brief overview of what the AI SEO Manager is all about. It's an autonomous AI agent that creates unique and SEO-enhanced content daily for you. Think of it as a new team member that works independently.

Using several information sources such as your product database, new arrivals, target SEO keywords, and the landing pages you want to promote, plus its own internet research, your AI SEO Manager will craft a daily blog post. This post will not only feature updates about your new arrivals but will also include relevant internal links and seamlessly integrated keywords.

But there’s more—the AI SEO Manager doesn’t stop at writing and publishing daily posts on your website. It also repurposes this content for social media posts on platforms like X and Facebook, with potential integrations with Instagram as well.

By leveraging your product database, new arrivals, and research capabilities, the content created by our AI SEO Manager is always fresh and unique, which is exactly what search engines like Google value the most.

A unique and crucial feature of our AI SEO Manager is the quality of the content it generates. We have placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that the content created by our autonomous agent is always of high quality. Inexpert AI use can lead to the publication of nonsensical and trivial content. To avoid this, our solution incorporates additional mechanisms that maintain content quality. Our AI SEO Manager is more than just one autonomous agent; it includes a suite of independently operating and self-verifying AI agents. One specializes in creating SEO content (AI SEO Writer), but to ensure quality, it is monitored and checked by another agent, which also undergoes verification. This multi-level verification process allows us to maintain the highest quality of automatically generated content without the need for external intervention.

If you're interested in our offerings in this area, please contact us or visit our product page AI SEO Manager - autonomous AI agent for SEO content