The Beatles' release final song revived with AI

Updated 3rd Nov '23

The Beatles' Final Song Revived with AI: "Now and Then"

The Beatles' final song, titled "Now and Then," has been revived with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The surviving members of the band, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, used AI technology to complete an old demo by John Lennon and turn it into a fully realized song.

AI Technology Breathes New Life into Lennon's Vocals

The process involved using AI algorithms to isolate and enhance Lennon's vocals from the original demo recording. Director Peter Jackson and his team introduced McCartney to AI, which enabled them to extract Lennon's voice and incorporate it into the final song.

"Now and Then" is the first new studio song by The Beatles since 1995. It is a wistful ballad penned by John Lennon and serves as the band's final song. The song has been released on streaming platforms and made its radio debut.

AI in Music Production: Expanding Artistic Possibilities

The use of AI in music production has opened up new possibilities for artists to collaborate with past recordings and create unique compositions. In the case of The Beatles' "Now and Then," AI technology has allowed the band to bring Lennon's voice back to life and deliver a new musical experience to fans.


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