Is GPT-4.5 here? Altman shoots down rumors

Is GPT-4.5 here? Altman shoots down rumors

Updated 18th Dec '23

The Rumors of GPT-4.5: Debunked


In recent times, there have been speculations and rumors surrounding the existence of GPT-4.5, the next iteration of OpenAI's language model. However, after thorough research and analysis, it has been concluded that these rumors are unfounded. Multiple credible sources, including discussions on the OpenAI Developer Forum and statements from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, have denied the existence of GPT-4.5. This article aims to debunk the rumors and provide references to support this conclusion.

Lack of Evidence

Despite the widespread rumors, there is no concrete evidence or confirmation of GPT-4.5's existence. The OpenAI Developer Forum, a platform where developers discuss OpenAI projects, has explicitly addressed the issue. In a forum thread titled "Are we already testing GPT-4.5?", multiple users and OpenAI representatives have denied the existence of GPT-4.5 [^1^]. This lack of evidence raises doubts about the validity of the rumors.

OpenAI CEO's Statement

Further discrediting the rumors, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has also denied the existence of GPT-4.5. In a statement, Altman dismissed the rumors as baseless and clarified that there is no ongoing development or testing of GPT-4.5 [^3^]. Altman's statement holds significant weight, as he is in a position to have accurate knowledge about OpenAI's projects and future plans.


Based on the research conducted and the information available from credible sources, it can be concluded that the rumors surrounding GPT-4.5 are not accurate. The OpenAI Developer Forum discussions and Sam Altman's statement provide strong evidence to debunk these rumors. It is essential to rely on verified information and official announcements to avoid spreading misinformation.


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