🧠 Nvidia gives robots a mind

🧠 Nvidia gives robots a mind

Updated 20th Mar '24

Nvidia's Project GR00T: Revolutionizing Humanoid Robots


According to recent developments, Nvidia has introduced Project GR00T, a groundbreaking foundation model for humanoid robots. This model serves as the core intelligence of robots, enabling them to acquire skills, perform tasks using natural language, and exhibit human-like movements.

Project GR00T Features

Project GR00T is a versatile multimodal foundation model that empowers robots to learn autonomously without the need for pre-programming. It is designed to be compatible with various robot configurations, enhancing their adaptability and functionality.

Nvidia Isaac Robotics Platform

In conjunction with Project GR00T, Nvidia has developed the Isaac robotics platform, a comprehensive AI solution tailored for leading humanoid robot manufacturers. This platform integrates the GR00T model and offers a wide array of GPU-accelerated innovations in AI perception, manipulation, simulation, and software.

Key Components of Nvidia Isaac Robotics Platform

The Isaac robotics platform encompasses tools for robot perception, motion planning, system integration, foundation models, and generative AI. It facilitates the design, testing, and training of AI-driven robots in realistic virtual environments, supporting reinforcement and transfer learning as well as custom ROS messages.

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